cushman meter maid turning into a pickup ?

the cushman meter maid served a purpose in its current bed setup but not that great for what we will be using for. so lets see what we can make out of it using the original but just moding the factory one. . as far as the camera l know this one is no good…

rat rod quad needs to stop.

finishing up the last repairs on the rat rod quad,it only had rear brakes and when loaded it was hard to get it to stop. but they were a mess . so lets look into what it takes to fix a bunch of mail was in my p,o, box

cutting up the cushman meter maid.

moving forward with changing up the bed so it can be more usable for me but still jeep the look, picked up a bunch of steel to start the process.plasma cutting and mig welding begins.

what caused the cushman meter maid to get stranded ?

we tried to take this old cushman meter maid on its maiden voyage but never make it back without getting it towed, so lets troubleshoot what caused it . at the end guess how much scrap is in the dump trailer.

The need for speed. pulley swap for Brians mud mower,

Brian was working on his off road riding mower removing the governor, so while he had it apart we figured it was a good time to go up in size on the front pulley. the back has already been done. then we go on a vw bus cruise with some friends with their maiden voyage…

136096 / 2010 Ferrari California Logging a mere 14,548 miles, this cool California combines a rev-happy 8-cylinder with a whole roster of luxury and performance equipment! There‚Äôs just something about a Ferrari that conveys the perfect combination of excellent dynamics and world class exclusivity, and this 3-owner convertible, dressed in a slick coat of Rosso Corsa 2-stage, puts a…