what caused the cushman meter maid to get stranded ?

we tried to take this old cushman meter maid on its maiden voyage but never make it back without getting it towed, so lets troubleshoot what caused it . at the end guess how much scrap is in the dump trailer.

shipping container garage gets a window hacked in.

bought a 40 foot shipping container to store my antique vw busses in. and now we need to add some venting so the inside will not condensate. we also try the new lenox metal cutting wheel and see how it holds up.

custom exhaust on the cushman meter maid,

built a battery tray, but then needed a muffler so we try a couple of setups until we find the right combination cutting up a motorcycles muffler to fit our needs.

will it run/drive? rusty vw bus sitting 13 years

I picked this bus up about 14 years ago from a girl that was a groupie for the band phish, she settled down and started a family so the bus just sat. I picked it up and have been gathering parts for it a long time, but its parking spot behind the garage is going…

missing clip from the noma snow blower video.

on the last video at the 33 min mark l screwed up and missed a clip explaining how the trans works, so for those who care, this is what got dropped, and l cant go back in and fix it as yt got rid of the editing feature,

rotted out atv frame repair

a friend asked me if I could help get his wifes atv back together so it can be used for trail riding again, but it has a bunch of problems. so on this video we start in on them. the frame is rotted out and its leaking a bunch of oil, lets get this stuff…

instant 2 car garage

been running out of room for my antique vw trucks so l purchased a 40 foot shipping container and had it dropped off in the back of the farm. the guy driving the truck sure knew what he was doing, and made it look easy.